The Resurrection

I Corinthians 15:12-25, John 20:1-23

Mary Magdalene is a primary source of information to all the disciples regarding the resurrection of Jesus at the tomb.  It is interesting to note that the Jewish leaders were concerned about the potential for his resurrection because they were the ones who wanted the tomb sealed and guarded.  The disciples were thinking about returning to their former occupation of fishing.

The resurrection:

  • Mary told all 11 about the empty tomb but only Peter and John went to investigate.

  • Unlike Lazarus who had to be unwound and still possessing his corruptible body, Jesus laid His grave clothes aside and there was no corruptible body left.  We too will be raised incorruptible like Jesus.

  • In an interesting parallel to the garden, there were two angels sent to protect the tree of life because of man's corruption.  At the tomb there were two angles inviting them to come and see.

  • Did you ever think about it.  The soldiers said they stole the body while they slept.  How would they know that if they were sleeping.

  • After the resurrection Jesus goes from calling His disciples friends to calling them brothers.

  • What we have is an empty tomb.  Christ body raised from the dead is a promise to us that we to will some day be raised from the dead.

God is the one man sinned against.  God sets the standard for the way back; and that is the plan of salvation.


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