The High Priestly Prayer

John 17:1-26

This is a lengthy and personal prayer of Jesus reflecting on His mission here on earth.  In the prayer He mentions that the purpose was to glorify God and that is what He did; He wasn't selfish.  He equipped and prepared his disciples for the mission ahead.  He cared for his disciples.  He seeks joy for them.

In later part of this chapter Jesus prays for unity.  See verse 21.  What does unity look like?  Are we all supposed to think alike and do everything alike.  Probably not.  It is not possible or desirable  As unique individuals, this unity has to comes from being in Christ together and being one with Christ.

Three Points to take with us:

  • God wants to take us under His wing.  He desires communion and fellowship with us. He desires us to see His glory.

  • Because Jesus loves us He desires for us to have a full measure of joy.

  • Our purpose then is a oneness with Jesus that results in a joy that is greater than our circumstances.  That joy will flow out and we will experience a oneness with other believers.

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