Last of Free Steps

Matthew 26:36-46, John 18:1-27, Luke 9:51-56 & 22:22-38

Today's message from John 18:1-27 represent the last free steps of Jesus before He was turned over to the authorities and told His next steps.  He was not caught be surprise or taken against His will.  He made the decision to follow the course and give up His life.


  • Could it be that Christ's admonition to be strong caused Peter drew his sword that ended up cutting off the ear of the high priest servant?   In Luke 22:51 we learn that Jesus touched the ear and healed him.  This is Jesus last miracle.

  • Peter's denial may have in part been caused by his worrying about having used the sword.

  • When the high priest questioned Jesus he was really asking Him to incriminate himself.  His reply about asking others was really the way it should have been handled.  Just another piece of evidence of how the trial was mishandled.

  • Jesus reply to being slapped in verse 23 is certainly interesting.  

  • One of the lesson we should learn from Peter when he said he would follow Jesus no matter what and then ended up denying Him three times and follow at a distance is that we should not trust in our own self.  Satan desires to sift us also.

  • Trust in Jesus and stay close.

  • The apostle John became a transformed follower of Christ.  When Jesus was here he asked to be seated next to him in the kingdom.  Mark 10:35-45.  He also asked about calling down fire from heaven to consume the Samaritans.  Luke 9:51-56.  However, John became an elderly apostle of love.  I John 4:7-8 he writes about the need to love.  Love is an attribute of one who knows God.  Within the church family there are those who in like manner mature in Life.

  • The Pharisees wouldn't go into pilots hall so that they remained ceremonial clean.  They knew the law and followed it but they didn't know the Father.  For us we have the Bible, but without the Spirit it is a dry book and we are just like the Pharisees.


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