In Charge of His Trial

Isaiah 53:1-12John 18:28-19:16

Isaiah was written some 700-800 years before what happened to Christ at his trial and crucifixion occurred.  Jews are encouraged NOT to read Isaiah 53 because of its accurate description of what happened to Jesus.  This would validate that Jesus was their messiah whom they rejected.  The Jews clearly expected and looked for an earthly leader like King David.  However, Jesus came to earth as a baby to deal with the sin problem.  It will be after His second coming that He will return to earth as a King.

The Trial:

  • Could it be that Christ's admonition to be strong caused Peter to drew his sword that ended up cutting off the ear of the high priest servant?   In Luke 22:51 we learn that Jesus touched the ear and healed him.  This is Jesus' last miracle.

  • We also learn from Luke 23:4-11 that Pilot tried to get out of this mess by sending him to Herod.  Herod didn't get out of Him what he wanted so he sent him back to Pilot.

  • Finally, when the Jews told him we have no king but Caesar it was blatant dishonesty.  They despised Roman rule.


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