What is The Spirit of the Age

Genesis 11:1-9, Ephesians 6:12, II Timothy 3:1-5

The people at the time of The Tower Babel apparently did not want to follow God's instruction to spread out over the earth.  Interestingly, the Tower of Babel may have had some water proofing construction similar to what God gave Noah when building the art.  Were they concerned about a second flood?  They were proud and defiant people.  The truth given to us in Romans 12:3 of not thinking more highly of ourselves than he ought but to think with sober judgment was clearly absent.  As a result of their attitude and behavior God decided to confuse their language.  One of the results was that they did follow his orders and spread out over the earth.

We globally as a group of people are at a moment similar in times to that of the Tower of Babel.  What are some key indicators of the desire for this oneness; one group of people in the world that are proud and defiant?

Key Indicators:

  1. Great Reset - The Great Reset is the name given to the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2020.  It involves all power players such as government, industry, medical, and technology to all be on the same page.  They hope to take advantage of crisis such as Covid-19 to their advantage.  Free enterprise will be a thing of the past with some form of socialism.  As I would say they are looking for a 'One World Government'.  There will be a very few at the top telling everyone else what to do.

  2. ESG - ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.  Again, it is a few people defining what is good and controlling how investment decisions are made.  Again, as it gains critical mass, it will be an important cog in the Great Reset.

  3. Digital Currency - With this there is no paper involved.  Therefore all transaction are digitally controlled.  It could be used to say you are not permitted to purchase that product or purchase from that store.

  4. Organic to Inorganic Evolution - This view to see man evolving from what is called natural selection to scientific technology.  That mean that man will be defined as part of a technology component.  It will be the culmination of a human machine of real and virtual reality.

  5. There is currently gene editing taking place.  There is brain computer interfacing being experimented with as well as bionic human parts.

Summary:  As the movers and shakers of this world desire to move in the direction of a 'One World Government', humans become commodities that are disposable.  The choices are like cattle chutes.  You will knowingly or unknowingly be given one or two choices and that will be all that is available.  Humans are disassociated from a God who created us.  The current age does not revere God.  Humans are created in such a way that they will worship.  Pride and arrogance will abound.  Therefore, the spirit of the age will worship the idol of self and technology.

For believers we should be reminded that this is not a time to fear.  Rather we should be prayerful, courageous, faithful, exhibit a spirit of joy and be thankful for the scriptures.


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